Temple of Tooth - 5 minutes drive

This monumental ensemble of Kandy is an example of architecture that associates the Royal Palace and the Temple of the Tooth (Palace of the tooth relic) is the place that houses the Relic of the tooth of the Buddha. Originally part of the Royal Palace complex of the Kandyan Kingdom, it is one of the holiest places of worship and pilgrimage for Buddhist around the world. It was last of a series of temples built in the places where the relic, the actual palladium of the Sinhalese monarchy, was brought following the various relocations of the capital city.The Palace of the Tooth relic, the palace complex and the holy city of Kandy are associated with the history of the dissemination of Buddhism.


Kandy Lake - 5 minutes drive

Kandy lake is one of the most important attraction of Kandy city which is the  main body of water in the city. It is a manmade lake created in 1807 by the last Sinhalese king of Kandy, using forced labour. The king used land which was paddy field to create the lake. It stands as an indictment of the excesses of the Kandyan monarchy for wasting away national resources to built an ornamental lake at a time when the kingdom was under serious threat. 


Royal Botanical Gardens - kandy - walking distance from the hotel

The Royal Botanical Garden, Peradeniya is situated about 5 km to the west of the city centre at Peradeniva and is visited by 1.2 million people per year. It is the largest botanical garden on the island.

The Kandy Perahera – August – The most colorful cultural event of the year
Kandy is very popular due to the annual pageant known as the Esala Perahera in which one of the inner caskets used for covering the tooth relic of Buddha is taken in a grand procession through the streets of the city. This casket is taken on a royal tusker. The procession includes traditional dancers and drummers, flag bearers of the provinces of the old Kandyan kingdom, the Nilames (lay custodians of temples ) wearing their traditional dresses, torch bearers and also the grandly attired elephant. This ceremony which is annually held in the months of July or August, attracts large crowds from all parts of the country and also many foreign tourists.

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20 Minutes drive – Pallekele International
Cricket Stadium , Free trade Zone (BOI) 

30 Minutes drive
Victoria International Golf Course

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage - a charming experience
55 minutes drive

Victoria Dam - 45 minutes

Randenigala Dam - Panoramic view
45 minutes

Udawattakele –The forbidden Forest of the Kings of Kandy; which lends itself to the best of walkways.
10 minutes drive

HISTORIC SITES – famous sacred temples : Embekke, Gadaladeniya, Lankathilaka,Degaldoruwa Raja Maha Viharaya - within 45 minutes drive
Hunnasgiriya , Knuckles Range,
Hunnas Falls - One hours drive

“Meemure” – traditionbal Village of Kings,during the Royal era of kings.
One and half hours drive

Wildlife  –  Randenigala
One hours drive

Riiverston, Mini World’s End
Can be reahed within 2 hours